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Service Hotline 0571-63436886 / 63436887

About us

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Established in October 2003 and completed the transformation of the shareholding system in 2016, Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical LLC is a modern GMP-approved pharmaceutical enterprise and a high-tech enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine.

Our company is situated in the "Golden Triangle" intersection of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, and the bankside of beautiful Fuchun River. With a total investment of over CNY 100 million, our company is a specialized research, development production and sales company.

At present, our company has pediatric, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, neoplastic, digestive, gynecological, urinary, liver disease and other products; especially, we are the exclusive manufacturer of rhodiola oral liquid and Yinling mixture. Highly favored by customers, our products have formed excellent reputations and awareness.

"Technological innovation is the nuclear power of enterprise development". Now, our company is receiving a high reputation for strong technical strength, advanced quality control methods and thoughtful after-sales service. Our technicians include a number of specialties such as traditional Chinese medicine preparations, medical management and industrial electrical automation, etc.; at the same time, we are equipped with international contemporary pharmaceutical production lines.

Following the trend of the time, our company has experienced rapid development, and takes "product is a moral quality, quality is a personality, service is a responsibility" as our mission. With a sound marketing network and a professional marketing team, our marketing network has covered more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China, owned more than 500 cooperative pharmaceutical companies and over 5,000 medical terminals. Our company will enter the capital market in due course.

In the process of development, our company always takes the principle of producing high-quality products and insists on such business philosophy and values ??of "being equal, mutual-benefited, sharing and win-win". Through further deepening reform, adjusting structure, making research and innovation, we make efforts to expand the market and offer better service to customers. Through combining professional academic promotion with the construction of standardized brand effectively, we are working hard to realize this corporate dream of being a national pharmaceutical industry enterprise, inheriting the oriental herbal essence, as well as inheriting and developing Chinese medicine industry!

Address: No.89, Golf Road, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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